38 thoughts on “Look both ways

  1. What a fabulous image. I love how there is just enough light from the umbrella to see your smile xx

  2. I absolutely love this. Very clever use of the light. I love how your smile is just visible and how the hearts on the umbrella are dark in the light.


    1. Thank you! There’s an optical illusion in there too that prompted the title – everything just came together in the right way!

  3. I love this. I feel as though it should inspire a story or poetry. It’s got a magical feel to it. Your smile is amazing in just how much that little glimpse of it drives this image.

    1. Thank you! I’d be massively flattered if stories or poetry were inspired as a result of my posting it, that’d be awesome!

  4. Your smile is so captivating but I love this whole image, it’s so beautiful.

  5. Gosh I love this a lot! The lightness of the joy in your smile and the bright fun parasol contrasts so well with the enveloping darkness in almost a defiant way, brilliant!

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