About me

I’m Zebra Rose. I write saucy kinky stuff because it’s fun as well as teaching me to explore and learn about my sexuality. Also, I love to write. Occasionally I may also take a half-decent picture too.

I’m a bisexual submissive painslut with a love of bondage.

I am not YOUR submissive painslut, so please don’t assume that because I write about my exploits online, that I’d get sexy/kinky with just anyone. Actually, I am in a committed, loving relationship so totally not on the market.

If you want to talk to me about anything other than hooking up, then feel free to use the form on the /getintouch page.

I’m elsewhere on the net as:

Twitter: @ZebraRoseSub

Mastodon: @zebrarose@mastodon.org.uk

Reviews: https://blog.latexleatherandlace.co.uk/author/zebrarosesub/

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