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It’s the last day of the year, a new decade about to start (in which I turn 40, which is fine and totally not terrifying at all), but other than that, an arbitrary and abstract line stitched across the unrolling tapestry of life.

But since we’re all at it, I thought I would re-share some of what I rate as the highlights of my past year’s blogging (mainly because I can’t think of anything original to say about the NY other than; have fun, stay safe, and may your 2020s be full of joy x

The best of 2019

I join in with a few memes semi-regularly, and I’d like to express big thanks to Molly Moore, for Sinful Sunday and Kink of the Week; Kayla Lords for Masturbation Monday, Marie Rebelle, for Wicked Wednesday, Floss Does Life & May Moore for Food4Thought Friday. These collections of content provide me with inspiration and much enjoyment in both contributing and reading. You’re amazing, ladies – thank you for all your hard work!

I was deliriously happy to make it onto the Chaturbate Top 100 Sex Bloggers list – big thank yous to my nominees, to Chaturbate and especially to Molly for making it all happen. Mwah!

Ok, so here’s my 2019 pick list…

My best Sinful Sunday

I love the drama of monochrome, I love the shackles and I love my bum in this picture.

My best Masturbation Monday

I’ve thought about it a lot, and I really really do want a demon-powered fucking machine.

My best Wicked Wednesday

Group BDSM sex with a posse of my own clones – as soon as I thought of it, I had to write about it.

My best Food4Thought Friday

An impassioned rant, fuelled by rage and honed with bitter venom. Cathartic to write.

Smut Marathon

This year I also entered the Smut Marathon, an erotica-writing competition supremely well-organised by Marie Rebelle, and to my great astonishment/delight, made it to the last round. I wasn’t able to participate in the final thanks to a flurry of Life Events that happened all at once, but just being part of it was so much fun that I signed up for next year’s competition as well!

I wrote a lot for the Smut Marathon, and only a small fraction of my output was actually submitted, but of all of the writing I produced, I think Round 5: #12 Dirty Girl is my favourite.

I hope you enjoy/ed these, and if you have a particular favourite among the stuff I put up here, I’d love to know which and why!

Wishing you all much happiness, great sex and inner peace in 2020 x

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