Moments: Sadist

Fictional fantasy CNC BDSM smut

I beg so prettily, my mascara smudged with the tears you beat from me; beg you to stop with the words that mean keep going, I need more take me deeper push me harder, but which sound convincing, though we both know I don’t mean it very much at all; and that’s hot as fuck because it makes you bone-hard to hear me plead with an edge of desperation in my voice, a delightfully sharp note of pain which splinters my words across hoarse, gasping breaths; to you this is an intoxicating energy; it’s power and control with a sharp tingle of sadism and a twist of depravity. This would be an awful thing to do to someone for real, is part of the dark thrill and so is the willingness with which I dropped to my knees, wide-mouthed and gleefully expectant, and how keenly I arch my back to present you with my cunt, hungry slut wants you to fuck me but not yet, that’s another thrill for you; spreading my thighs wide and holding me waiting at arms length, watching bruises bloom and welts redden with satisfaction and anticipation. Patience you say, you’ll get what’s coming to you, and laugh at my lusty, greedy, dirty smirk.

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