I’m a strong believer in privacy – which isn’t a contradiction with the content I post here. I don’t like being followed all over the net by ad/tracking networks and I don’t like being profiled behind my back; so I won’t do that to you.

Who am I?

I don’t have a company or any commercial interest in this site. I’m an individual hobbyist blogger. Your data will never be sold or traded or passed on by me. I blog for purely personal, non-commercial purposes so I’m exempt from all of the GDPR but because I care about human rights, I’m gonna tell you about your data on this site anyway.

Data about you

If you are kind enough to comment on my posts, my web server will keep your info to preserve the comments so that I can read, like and reply to it; and have a look at your site if you include a URL. I don’t use the info for anything else. However, if you use a WordPress or other platform accounts you should be aware that they do all sorts of things with your user and activity data.

if you use the form to contact me, I will get back to you on the details you’ve provided (unless you’re trying to hook up with me, in which case I will ignore you). That info lives on this web server for as long as this site is live.

My firewall and my hosting provider stores connection logs and makes them available to me, so I can see the IP address associated with your activity. I use this data for site maintenance and security; that’s all.

Cookies & Tracking

I don’t use Google Analytics. I use a privacy-friendly tool for analystics, called Matomo. When you visit my site, a script is run which logs your visit and allows me to count (but not identify) repeat visitors. I’ve turned off cookies.

The info logged is:

  • your IP address,
  • the site you came from (referrer)
  • the content you access
  • the type of device, OS and browser you’re using

This doesn’t tell me anything about who you are, and I don’t use the data in any way except to see statistics about how my site is used.

I’ve set up the site to prevent tracking/advertising cookies being dropped. However as I don’t code my own themes and plugins; there is a chance that someone else’s content may start dropping trackers. I’ll check the site regularly, but if you find one before I do; please let me know.

If you use the social media buttons to share my content, please be aware that the social media platform logs and tracks this activity.

Because this site has lots of smutty goodness on it, I need to keep under-18s away or I’ll get into trouble with the UK Government and probably my ISP. When you confirm your age to the Age Gateway plugin, a cookie is stored on your device that lets my site know you’ve already answered, so it doesn’t ask you again.

I use Wordfence to keep the site secure and protect it against attacks.

Wordfence uses cookies:

  • to distinguish between bots and humans.
  • to distinguish between logged in administrators and other users.
  • to identify if a user has visited a unique page you’ve set to allow them to bypass country blocking so that country-blocking does not prevent them from viewing the site.

These are essential for the security of my site, so I don’t need your consent to set them. However, you are free to block or clear the cookie if you don’t want Wordfence to track your activity.

Anything else?

If you have any questions about this website’s privacy, please use the contact form to get in touch

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