Fun with pencils

I drew this as an illustration to my Friday Night blogpost because I wanted a blowjob pic but wasn’t comfortable using a photo of us and didn’t want to rip off anyone else’s pix. Was pretty pleased with the result!

So then I drew this, because I love being tied, I love the female form and I especially love the way shibari accentuates and displays the beauty of the body. It’s fairly accurate in terms of proportions – I do have quite short, stocky legs and a generous butt. Might have taken a bit of artistic license around the muffin tops though 😋

The original sketch was a bit…..meh, but when I added a few filters, I was happier with the result.

I have a thing about mirrors, and a major submissive kink. I might write some erotica to go with this image, I think it definitely has potential

I started out with just the woman but still felt something was missing, needed to give her context, so I added a Dom – with flogger, naturally.

This position is actually possible. It does help to be double-jointed though

Looked a little…..incomplete until the lash marks were added. Know that feeling

I think shibari is beautiful aesthetically as well as its appeal to my submissive, masochistic side. While I was drawing this, I was deeply envious of the girl in the sketch – I would love to be in her position