K is for Kidnapped

Playing dress-up for thrills; K is for kidnapped

Content notes: NC-flavoured fantasy

Kidnap fantasies have featured in my mind porn ever since I discovered the delights of masturbation. I like them dark, dirty and degrading; warped obsession, cruelty, objectification.

Kept in a cage in an abandoned warehouse. Chained to the wall in someone’s cellar. Sealed underground in a luxury dungeon. Roped-down spreadeagled to a sturdy iron bedstead on a bare mattress. Cuffed to a hard chair in the attic.

Helpless, captive, stolen to be used.

Who else is sinning this Sunday?

9 thoughts on “K is for Kidnapped

  1. Nnnnggggghhhhh to both the image and the words…now don’t mind me I need to hide in my bunk for a bit.

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