On-Screen, With Her

A tribute to the incredible hotness of @rhubarbginn’s Only Fans

Inspired by Ruby’s hot-AF OnlyFans content

She posted a new clip this morning, and your pulse kicks up a notch as it always does when you see the notification; hands ever-so-slightly trembling as you tap and swipe through the site to get to the prize; show me, show me.

You’ll watch it once through, with a stage-managers eye; toys, camera angle, timing; noting idly that your cunt lips swell when you watch her fucking herself, languorous and deliberate. Start to lose focus on the mechanisms of home porn after a while, because you find yourself riveted to the way she slides seven inches of ribbed silicone within herself and how her breathing hitches when she does. You want what she’s having. You want to feel how it feels for her.

In and out, hastening until her wrist is almost a blur, and she’s moaning softly. Your cunt is pulsing in sympathy, your own breath coming faster.

On your phone screen, she jams a small wand hard against her clit, throws back her head, shuddering, biting down on her lower lip. Does it feel like electricity to her, like heat and light and power fizzing through her, radiating from deep at the root of her clit; as it does to you?

She comes hard; jerking and arching and battering at herself with her arse in the air, sweat from the heat of internal fireworks gleaming between her thighs.

You are entranced, slipping two fingers slowly back and forth through the pool of lust she’s created in your knickers. You replay in your mind, the image of her cunt, filled; the way her tits bounce when she gives herself a good fucking; wonder about the scent of her, the taste and the feel.

Time for a second viewing. This time, you’ll copy her actions until the messages from your own body eclipse hers, and you have to add your own embellishments to keep pace with her – but then what you want right now is more critical than what she’s having, you want pain, so you add clamps; you want your mouth full and your head down; and when you have what you want, you close your eyes and picture her on her knees behind you; your dildo, her strap-on, her delicate hands digging furrows into your arse cheeks, pulling them apart to make way for her. You fuck yourself like you fantasise she’d like to do you, hear her quickening breath in your ear, watch yourself on-screen with her in your mind’s eye, getting railed and loving it.

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