Shadow Play

I got ‘Doorways’ and ‘Natural Light’ on the April prompt selection wheels, which gave me quite a lot of scope, as long as I could manage, at some point, to get out of bed early enough to take advantage of it.

My shadow is often unruly; prone to looming at unexpected angles, and making mischief with my dimensions, but she’s always faithful; close on my heels in bright light and wrapping me close for comfort when darkness falls. While I was setting up ‘peeking around the doorway’ pics for April’s Sinful Sunday prompt, she couldn’t resist the urge to join in the sexy fun, reaching out to slap my plump arse cheek while my back was turned. I guess, like me, she just loves to perform for the camera!

Image shows my back and bum at the edge of the door frame, with my shadow on the wooden door behind me, arm outstretched  so that my hand is on my bum. I’m wearing a flowery lace bodystocking

Who else is sinning this Sunday?
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21 thoughts on “Shadow Play

  1. Oh, this is lovely. I love the lacy shadows on your body as well as your actual shadow. Cleverly done!

  2. This made me giggle, it’s brilliant! And I really wish I was your shadow.

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