Talking To Myself

I do it a lot, especially when I’m having a wank. Sometimes out loud. Talking *at* myself, is probably more accurate, just to hear the words said in my direction. Hot.
Sideways shot of me naked beneath a pink duvet, hand between my thighs

Apparently, I have a kink for narrative and there’s a particular type of commentary that revs my engines.

Show me your beautiful tits. Flick. Now don’t move, I haven’t given you permission. Flick. Yes, I know it hurts; that’s the point, my lovely. When your nipples are nice and tender, that’s when I’ll really go to work on them. Flick. Pinch. Tweak. Eyes straight ahead, please. Don’t make me tell you a third time, or you’ll regret it.

Commands, observations, gloating, teasing – I search my mind for perfect combinations, the ones that my body answers with hard nipples, wet cunt, swollen clit; things that make me go unnffff

My long hair, twisted into a rope and wrapped around my neck, the ends held tightly in their fist, and they say-

-You like being choked, do you?

-Do you want my fingers in you while I choke you? You want me to fuck you with my hand as you struggle for breath?

I don’t speak my own lines out loud, I’m not nearly so interested in them as what is being said to me, about me.

You look good, tied down and helpless like that. I’m going to use the cane now, and it’s going to hurt but you’re going to take it bravely to please me, aren’t you?

I may not always recognise what I need, but I know what I want when I hear it.

Keep your eyes open and look at me while I’m fucking your mouth. Good girl.

“Work for it, go on, earn your reward” I murmur to myself as I tumble, gasping, into the sweet little vortex I’ve stirred up within myself; ears ringing with fast-pumping blood and all the words I’d say out loud if I weren’t so consumed by them.

Look at this slut, look at this desperate fucktoy, see how wet she is, how eager for a rough, hard talking-to, will you open her body and leave her unsatisfied, speak, and give her the mind-fucking she really aches for?

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12 thoughts on “Talking To Myself

  1. YES! I absolutely do this…. I think this needs to be a topic on Kink of the Week at some point as I am totally with you on this one… One of my ones is what he would say about how I feel… Damn you cunt feels so good.

    Also things he would say if sharing me with someone….. *unnnfff

    The only part of the conversation that is mine that I will say is when I am saying no. Fighting or begging talk etc


    1. Oh yeah, a KoTW on this sounds like a great idea!

      And yes, the ‘what they’d say if they were sharing me’ or ‘what they’d say to an audience about be’ comments are hot AF

  2. I tend to hear the words being said to myself, I don’t speak them aloud but that’s because I often have a gags in and when I don’t my voice doesn’t turn me on by saying them in my head, it’s their voice, not mine.

  3. sweet Jesus, Rosie – this is all kinds of hot! In fact , I couldn actually feel my nips twinging as I was reading it. Good to see you back <3 x

  4. As a person who swims in words all the time, sex with myself or someone else, is the one time I really don’t want them at all — which feels strange to admit, lol. I want to shut my mind off and simply feel. Also, I have a very strong aversion to “dirty talk” or the sexy things a partner might want to say to me, to JB’s dismay as he loves to say all the filthy sexy things, lol.

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