BJ Practice

Practicing my blowjob skills like a good girl and taking pictures for pervy thrills, seems to have brought back my writing mojo as well

Good girl. Take it deep, all of it. Take a deep breath and fill your mouth for me. Now, stay right there and don’t move until I say you can.

Photo illustrating me, wall, dildo

Come on, you can get it deeper than that, can’t you? Will you try for me? So far down your throat, you choke and splutter? You know how much I like that. I think you like it too, don’t you?

Stop squirming.

Ah, I do love to watch you doing this, kitten. You’re always so willing and eager to give head – and you do it so well. Go on now, suck. Lick. Show me your skills. Very nice. Very good. I can tell you’re enjoying this.

You’re going to do all sorts of tricks for me today, you know. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am. Oh yes, we’re going to have fun this afternoon. If you’re a very good girl and do what you’re told, then maybe – just maybe – I’ll let you come too.


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  1. There is only one suitable response to the combination of this image, and these words:

    Fuck me…….

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