Bound and clamped

I could be learning a new language, or working out, reading the classics or keeping up with the housework. Instead, here I am; decorating myself and playing the starring role in my porn-y fantasies.

So here I am, bound and clamped and imagining myself captive, a plaything, someone’s little fucktoy.

What might they do to me next?

Squatting in platform boots, red rope around my ankles leading to my collar ring, hands behind me, wearing nipple clamps with the connecting chain wrapped around the rope

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16 thoughts on “Bound and clamped

  1. Whatever they do, you seem to have got yourself into quite a predicament and I think are going to ‘suffer’ as a result….. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?


  2. oh holy hell! Yes. Yes please. Yes again. Just….all the yes.

  3. Oh, my. I feel like you’ve used your time wisely, tbh!

  4. WOW!! I actually had a visceral physical reaction to this photo. My legs kept twitching imagining the feeling of being in that position. And as for the clamps- unfff!!! Fantastic 😍

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