Pictures from an evening of self-indulgence

Dressing up in chains and taking nudes is the self-care I need right now, but first, I have to make sure the camera is positioned correctly.

Topless tit pic: Kneeling in front of the headboard, arms stretched backwards to hold on to it
Assuming the position

I struggled to find angles that I was happy with, but managed to take a few good shots

B&W topless pic, nipples pulled upwards with clamps and chain, another chain linked to collar ring trailing downwards
Colour pic, leg and ankle high in the air, cuffed and linked with g-clip, chain leading away
B&W nude, looking downwards: nipples clamped and chained, chain from collar leading downwards

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12 thoughts on “Setup

  1. These are all so beautiful but those clamps keep drawing my eye back.

    I spent ages framing everything recently only got the phone to fall over so I took lots of photos of the ceiling 🙄

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