Moments: Afternoon Cuddles

Just snuggling, that’s all we’re doing. Cosy, lazy, spoon-cuddles in the early afternoon. You made a c-shape around me; C for cave, a refuge. C for comfort, warm skin and your arm across my hip. C for cotton, the thin barrier of your shorts rubbing gently against my bare bum.

We’re just lying down for a peaceful few moments, so I don’t wriggle or press myself into you, tempting as it may be. I think about it though, contemplate your sleepy, rolled-down dick so close, so tantalisingly close. Half-hoping to detect those little shifts in pressure and angle that signal an awakening of interest, too relaxed to respond anyway.

You shuffle slightly to find a better angle, move my limbs to meet you again with one hand on my rear, parting my butt cheeks to nestle yourself further between them. A flash of cool air slides across my briefly-exposed labia, a surge of heat blooms within. Spread me; the words trickle through my head as I replay the sensation to myself; open me wide for you.