Learn to wait

Content Notes: entirely fictional fantasy monologue depicting a CNC kink scene with D/s dynamic, bondage, impact play and cocksucking.

My little toy is greedy and impudent, bouncing on the bed with excitement, flinging plump limbs outwards in calculated abandon. She wants me to beat her and fuck her into drooling satisfaction, the harder, the better.

I prefer to take my time over these things; a lesson is best learned by repetition and reinforcement. So…

My toy must learn to be patient. Let us begin the lesson by stopping up that dirty mouth. Yes, I heard you cuss under your breath at me for ordering you to your knees rather than tearing off your knickers. You will pay for that, little one. Turn round so that I can cuff your wrists behind your back. Spread your legs. Don’t make me tell you twice, because that soft skin right there inside your thighs is just asking to be pinched and you know that’ll hurt. Just be a good girl now, and hold still while I lock your ankles to this spreader bar… and hook this chain through here to pull your arms upwards… can you wriggle? Good. Can you escape? Of course not. Excellent. On with the lesson.

Where was I? Oh yes, filling that filthy mouth of yours. Open up. Wider. Look at me while I’m fucking your face, keep your eyes on me or I’ll blindfold you for the rest of the afternoon. Come on, take it deeper. All the way in. Hold it. Yes, I can hear you spluttering. You’re still not working hard enough. All right, you can have a breath or two, go on.

Are you sorry yet? Not sorry enough, I think. Let’s add some weight to your conscience. Two weights, in fact, one for each nipple and the clamps screwed down tight enough to make you squeal.

Have I cleaned out your mouth? Let me see. Feels good. One more immersion, I think. Lick my cock clean. That’s it, right down to the hilt. Okay, that’s enough.

You still don’t look sorry though. I have something here that can fix that. It’s a nice thick, leather belt, can you hear the meaty slap it makes against my palm? It sounds even better when it lands on your arse, hear that? No, you missed it, you were whimpering. Stop whimpering and listen to this glorious sound. One. Two. Three. Four. It leaves lovely chunky red lines. I don’t know what you’re making such a fuss about, when my belt-tail hits your cunt lips, you’re really going to squeal. Let me demonstrate. Four more. And take them quietly or I will gag you.

Four. And one for luck. Five. Well done little one, you were very brave. Here, let me wipe your eyes. No wait, on second thoughts, I prefer you tear-streaked and smeared. It suits you. Soaking wet at both ends, my slutty little toy is always ready for me, eh? Do those clamps hurt yet? What if I flick at the weights a bit, make them jiggle? That hurts, does it? Splendid. Then I think I shall add one to your clit as well. Your poor pleading little face does make me laugh. And for the finishing touch – relax, little one, you can’t get away so you may as well stop squirming – a fat buttplug vibe to stretch you out ready for my cock. Oh, I can tell you like that. Make the most of it little toy, because you’ll be begging for me to have mercy on your arse soon enough.

Very pretty. And very fetching, all chained up with your big dark eyes wide and scared. I think I’ll have you gagged now, because you are going to scream.

But not just yet. First of all, you’re going to spend a little time contemplating, in silence, what’s coming next. Lesson two; patience…

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  1. Love this .
    Be back soon, just going for a wank.
    Just saying 😈

  2. OMG this is super wonderfully amazingly hot. Hot. I mean. HOT. Might have pressed a few of my buttons. Ahem.

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