Elaborate Self-Pleasure Session

H’mm, what am I going to do with you? Clamps on your nipples first, I think. On all fours, and another clamp on your clit, with a heavy chain attached. Where else should I attach it? To your nipple clamps? No, too easy. Back over your cunt, through your arse cheeks, along your spine all the way to your collar. Stay arched now. If you don’t, it’ll hurt…

Sinful Sunday
Masturbation Monday

22 thoughts on “Elaborate Self-Pleasure Session

  1. I love that leg tie! It’s a very sexy picture and I love that it cuts half of your body off as it makes it very suggestive. Self pleasure at its best!

  2. The image is incredibly hot, with the placement of your hand, the bend of your leg, the red rope. And then the words heat things up even more!

    Rebel xox

  3. This is sexy as hell. In all this craziness of being in the house together I am really missing my long luxurious ‘complicated’ wanks.

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