Sci-fi sextech

My dream hi-tech wank-rig

If I had the skills, the time and the cash, this is the setup I would build…

Green-screen play room – why green-screen? So that various skins can be mapped onto it by AR, obviously. Hi-tech futuristic kink pad? Gothic castle dungeon? Post-apocalyptic dieselpunk ruins? Yours to play in at the selection of a menu item.

Augmented-Reality software that brings together the players, their chosen playroom settings and their ‘smart’ instruments to create the virtual-but-real scene. Full-duplex, real-time rendering of audio, visuals and haptics.

Player headsets and e-stim/haptic wearables for feedback. A/VR and teledildonics? The possibilities are endless! Bonus points for a remote software-controlled fucking machine or e-stim insertable that mirrors the actions of the dick/strap-on-equipped remote player. Ghost-fucking is good, being fucked by the GHOST IN THE MACHINE is my kind of sci-fi sexy.

‘Smart’ handheld implement(s) that can be rendered as cane, paddle, belt, flogger, wand etc by the software and haptic kit.

Configurable NPCs to suit the atmosphere of the chosen setting. Maybe even multiplayer models?! I would TOTALLY go to a virtual kink party with this rig! Also, the solo-play possibilities are intriguing – I’ve always wanted to get fucked by myself (hence all the clone sex erotica and mirror-wanking writing) – this setup could bring me as close as I’ll get to that kinky fantasy.

All of these things are possible with the tech that exists right now – gaming and sextech, AR and VR, all* it needs is for someone to stitch it all together….. it won’t be me because I couldn’t code my way out of a paper bag and am much too dyscalculic to mess with customising electrical gear, but hopefully SOMEONE will take up the [haptic] gauntlet and build my dream. (If you’re out there and looking for UX testers, SIGN ME UP!)

It goes without saying, of course (but I shall anyway) – everything needs to be thoroughly tested for physical safety, electrical safety, privacy-safety and security. And ‘safeword’ functions would definitely need to be built in. Also aftercare options like ‘snuggle together on a big soft blanket in front of a cheery fire in a cosy log cabin’.

I would absolutely contribute to crowdfunding this. Who’s with me?!

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