The Two Leafed Book

A poem about the vulva, inspired by a 17th century euphemism, ‘two leafed book’

delve for the comfort of enclosure

find tranquility in mindful study

quell your restlessness and sate your need

a good book, they say, is the best soporific

here, between these leaves, prowls hunger

lurks challenge; adventure without mystery

a quest for treasure which cannot be taken

only shared, for mutual delight

open with care, with grace and respect

a fount of desire, a welcoming embrace

do not seek to inscribe;

here is not your self-told story

of rescue, or valour, or conquest

this is my narrative,

and I’ll tell it my way

inspired by the Word of the Day from 2019-08-03 on @WhoresOfYore, run by the brilliant Dr Kate Lister

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