Double trouble

This week’s Kink of the Week topic is ‘double penetration’, and ahhhh, what a very splendid topic.

I’ve never had the privilege of being fucked by two dick-wielders at once, much to my great sadness. I love the idea, love the visuals, but I suspect that for me, it would be another of those things that I hugely get off on fantasising about but which I probably would not enjoy in reality. All the logistics, you know? I can barely manage sitting, standing and crouching without falling as it is, adding one person is complicated enough, adding another would just be terribly confusing.

In fact, I’ve never had the pleasure of being fucked by two anything-wielders; all of my double penetration experiences have been shared with a dick-owner and a toy.

…aaand this is another reason I suspect I wouldn’t really enjoy the two dicks version, because there are lots of things about double penetration that make me anxious. Not so much so that I can’t do it and enjoy it, but just enough to make me…well, a bit anxious.

I’m well aware that the wall between the vagina and the rectum is made of quite delicate stuff (and my stuff is more delicate than usual thanks to my collagen issues), and that poking a hole in it would result in unpleasant consequences. I have not seen any statistics on the probability of tearing, but I’m not keen to become one of them. So most double penetration that I participate in has to be slow, cautious, and carefully-positioned. Oh yes, and not involve any queen-sized dildos.

Most of the time, it’s slim, [butt-safe] toy in butt, cock in cunt. This, I like. Especially if the toy vibrates. I enjoy the feeling of being thoroughly occupied, the intensified sensation, the submissive, slutty thrill of taking it twice. Once we used a monster buttplug to great effect, but I had to refrain from buttplay for a while afterwards, as there was some bruising involved. (So fucking worth it though)

A few times, we’ve switched it about and done vibe in cunt or both vibe and dick in together, but I don’t have any slim vibes, so either toy or dick kept being squeezed to egress. Just not enough room in there for both. I end up getting anxious about that too, and that rather kills the mood.

I don’t often do myself double, mainly because I’m too lazy. When I do though, it’s probably been one of those throw-myself-a-wank-party occasions, in which I gleefully experiment with as much pleasure paraphernalia as I can get my hands on (and nipples between, and mouth full of, and clit pinched by). Eyes clenched shut, heart pounding, playing hardcore bondage orgy scenes across my imagination, the orgasm leaves me dazed and weak and shaky. Then – sigh – the cleanup. So much effort.

I love watching other people giving and getting double penetration though, it’s hot as fuck, and triple that when bondage is involved. Yum.

6 thoughts on “Double trouble

  1. I have the same worries as you about DP, and I agree with you about how good cock-in-cunt feels with the addition of a vibrating buttplug! Great post ?

  2. To be honest cocks are actually fairly soft and malleable even when hard. You are far more likely to have a problem with a cock and a toy or two toys as they tend to be more rigid. Also the rough DP fucking you see on porn, that is not realistic and they guys involved need to know that.


  3. I am in awe of the logistics too, I’m clumsy enough with just one cock involved I dread to think how I’d be with two!

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