Me time

Making the most of some time alone

Having been released from my state of denial with a short-but-sweet weekend fuckfest, and in anticipation of being out of action for the forthcoming week (Satan’s Tsumani) my libido has been screaming at me to make the most of some time home alone.

Reader, I have been frigging myself cross-eyed.

On my back wearing only black leather collar and cuffs, pinching one nipple with the other hand buried between my legs

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Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Me time

  1. Satan’s Tsumani, is that your period? I have never heard that euphemism before

    As for the image, it made me want to get my camera out and take pictures of myself masturbating too. You look so gloriously sexy


    1. I made that euphemism up because of the apocalyptic pain and bloodiness, it seemed to fit 😆

      I’d love to see pics of you! Xxx

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