Being Filled

My current favourite wank-fantasy is about being filled. Stopped up. Crammed. Brim-full. Unnfff.

Lately, my wank-fantasies have been centered around a common theme (aside from the usual being-used-by-strangers, bondage and cruelty motifs, of course). What gets me off hardest right now is the idea of being filled. I’m no size queen, I find large dildos uncomfortable (although I’m not averse to the occasional monster buttplug), and having things put up my nose is definitely a hard limit – I’m not talking about being stretched, but being invaded in as many orifices as I can take.

The Fella and I have played around with double penetration several times, and – oh my – I fucking love it. My current fantasy space is not just about being fucked though, but being occupied. Stopped up. Crammed. Brim-full.

This morning, I was kneeling over, face pressed into the duvet, holding a powerful vibe against my clit, clenching my cunt around a ribbed glass dildo and wriggling against the firm silicone of a small buttplug. Mouth open and drooling, ankles wide apart; separated in my mind by a spreader bar and secured with cuffs. Behind my eyelids, I saw myself clamped in place with cold, unyielding metal bondage frames, a faceless crowd watching with glee from the shadows.

I can hear nothing but my own breathless, muffled whimpering; my ears are full of foam plugs, cutting me off from the world outside my body as much as the leather hood covering my face. Cinched firmly at the collar, the hood hides my identity from the watchers, transforming me from a person into an array of yielding openings and plump, pinchable limbs.

My mouth is held open, full of air and rubber, the inflatable gag pressing against my tongue and the high arch of my upper palate. I couldn’t scream even if I wanted to, smothered squeaks and stifled groans are my only repertoire in this performance.

My cunt, spread wide and dripping with need, is full of thick, hard cock, slowly sliding deep, probing, causing the plug stuffed in my arse to shift slightly as taut cock-head rubs at silicone ribbing, separated by a thin layer of slick flesh.

Mouth. Ears. Cunt. Arse. All full. All under someone else’s control.

I scream into the pillow when I come.

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10 thoughts on “Being Filled

  1. Oh, ZR, that’s a seriously hot fantasy, which I can imagine enjoying both as viewer and in a similar position. Oof *adjusts self*

  2. Oh my!! Did you know that your words can fill my longing spaces?


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