Boobs and sheets; revisited

Idle musings on tit pic edits

I took some nudes during a recent hotel stay and have been messing about with editing and filters since then, trying out different looks and settings.

The original edit was black and white but I felt the contrast between the whiteness of the sheets and my skin was a good effect – maybe even a better one.

Editing these, I had a nagging question at the back of my mind. Do I use photo filters to make the picture more dramatic, or to make myself look ‘better’?

And another; why does it make me feel guilty to know there is a lot of the latter motivation involved? Is my increasing body confidence a sham if I’m still ‘cheating’ by softening edges, increasing shadows? This time two years ago I’d never have contemplated posting nudes online, but now I find it loads of fun. Is that vanity?

And is that such a terrible thing?

The first edit

Sinful Sunday

30 thoughts on “Boobs and sheets; revisited

  1. Personally, I prefer the b/w but that’s just me.

    Flick. just saying.

  2. First things first, gorgeous photos. Your boobs look absolutely delightful 🙂 As for the questions you posed, I’m currently contemplating similar ones for the current Food for Thought Friday. You know what though, I think whatever our reasons for filters and edits is all good. If there use helps us see ourselves in a brighter light I think that can trickle down into our everyday life when we are looking at ourselves sans filters. I know 100% my boobs without a bra boost and a good edit, look no where near a massive as I can get them to look in images, but knowing I can see them like that in photos makes me think they’re rather clever, lol, so I’ve taken to liking my smaller boobs more than I ever did before. Now to copy and paste those thoughts so I don’t forget them for the blog post, lol xxx Once again, fabulous image x

  3. After much studying I prefer the b&w version. Though I might change my mind if I look a bit longer…

  4. I wouldn’t say vanity – I found I posted pics to increase my confidence so it was an positive cycle.
    I regularly use filters and editing not necessarily to make me look better but to make my photograph look better. Which in my head much easier to deal with. If I wasn’t happy with me I wouldn’t photograph it at all.
    These are both beautiful – I’d love to help you with some images or even editing if you’d like.
    Missy x

  5. I love both of them! Enhancement of beauty is never a bad thing. You decide what you feel is beautiful, filters, no filters, shadows, no shadows. We all have better and worse angles. But having said that, there is a perfection in imperfection!

  6. These things are a journey, maybe you’re moving towards less filtering and such with the way you’re thinking. It’s a great image though.

    1. Thank you! I can’t quite imagine a time when I won’t feel the need to tart up my pix for extra dramatic effect, but if I can get to the point where it’s only for that and not because I want to hide ‘flaws’, that’ll be a solid win

  7. I love both the photos and I can relate to what you are saying about it feeling like you are ‘cheating’ somehow. I think they are your photos and you can edit guilt free how ever you want!

  8. Gorgeous images, both have different qualities and I think I prefer the black and white but that’s because I’m a sucker for strong tone, form and contrast. I’d never consider using image editing tools as cheating, in the same way I’d never consider running my writing through a spell checker or writing scale/word count tool cheating. From my own POV my images become separate from me and stand alone in their own right and so having access and making use of tools to either a greater or lesser extent is just an extension of the image creation and taking itself. I guess it depends on what the visual aim of the image and whether showing things as is or adjusting colour/contrast/tone etc is desired to express those intentions. Anyways, I’m waffling! But interesting food for thought and amazing pictures to look at whilst pondering upon it! x

  9. I don’t think it is vanity. It is self exploration. For me filters sometimes serve both those purposes and sometimes are purely abut creating a more dynamic or interesting image. As far as I concerned if it makes you feel good about yourself that is all that matters.

    Oh and if want your picture taken maybe we get together at some point and I could photograph you


  10. These are both lovely, but I agree with you and really like the way the white sheets contrast with your warm skin. As for your thoughts about filters, I’ve wondered this before as well in my years of photos. I’ve determined that Some days I just want to look sexy and want to filter/crop/edit the photo until I really feel that. And some days it’s about making the most interesting photo I can, even if it isn’t necessarily “flattering”, and some days, it’s about really pushing one of my own body-image boundaries. But I think there is room for all of those things.

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