You Can’t Have This

A mean machine-cuckqueaning scene
Photo of hand in black knickers

He caught me face-down across the rumpled duvet, one hand buried in my knickers, the other clasped around my throat. Unimpressed that I had broken our “ask before you touch” rules, a suitable punishment was required.

Which is why I am tied, spread-eagled to the bedposts, my damp knickers pulled aside to reveal the evidence of my transgression, mouth stuffed full of his boxers.

“Look at me” he’d said “Keep watching.”

As though I could possibly tear my gaze away. He’s stripped to the skin, pale skin, wide shoulders, narrow hips. Like a divining-rod, his dick already twitching and swelling to greet me.

He sees how hungry I am for him. Chuckles cruelly.

“Oh, you want some of this? Too bad, if only you’d had a little self-control, you could be down in your knees swallowing my cock by now”.

A groan escapes the musky tangle of cotton between my lips and tongue.

“Yeah, you just lie there and wish you’d been a bit less greedy.”

He strides to the chest of drawers, takes out the Guybrator and a bottle of lube. Turns back to face me.

“See this?” He waggles the device in my direction. “This is taking your place this afternoon. I’m going to fuck this like you want to be fucked and you’re going to lie there and watch me having all the fun.”

He kneels on the bed, between my wide-apart legs. Almost close enough to reach out and slide a finger inside me, but his hands are busy coating his dick in lube, stroking his palm up his shaft and squeezing the head with lazy, deliberate movements.

“Ahhh” he sighs, tilting his head back and closing his eyes, captivated by the pressure of his own fingers as they rub and slide.

I want to join in. I’m aching to touch him. Pointlessly, I test my bonds but he is too expert a rigger to leave me with any escape route. He’s watching me sardonically.

“See what you’re missing?” he taunts, and slides his dick between the soft silicone folds with a grunt of appreciation.

“What a shame you can’t have any of this” he says mock-solicitously as he switches on the vibrations and works the sleeve back and forth. “Wouldn’t you like to have my dick buried in you instead?”

I nod frantically, hoping he’ll relent. But no – his smile only widens.

“You see, if you weren’t such a greedy bitch, I’d be balls-deep in you by now. But you just couldn’t wait, could you? Now you have to lie there and watch me fucking this thing instead of you.” he continues in a conversational tone, punctuated by the occasional hitched breath.

I’m writhing, squirming, consumed with desperate need to feel his weight on me, his dick deep in me. If my mouth weren’t stuffed full of his underwear, I’d be pleading in yelps, fuck me, please, please, do me so hard.

“Oh god, this feels so good” he groans, and I scream in longing behind my gag.

“I’m gonna come in this thing” he growls, increasing the pace of his thrusts “not on you. Not in your cunt or your mouth, not on your tits. You don’t get any of my come tonight. You don’t deserve it.”

I’m burning, alight from the inside with lust and envy. Watching him pleasure himself is achingly erotic; knowing that he is deliberately denying himself the option of fucking me just to teach me a lesson, is desperately hot.

“If you hadn’t been so impatient” he continues “I’d have you bent over the side of the bed by now, slapping your arse and making you scream”. He thrusts harder. “but you made your choice, so…”

He tenses, comes with a long sigh, jerking his hips as his hot spunk jets onto the bedclothes between us. I whimper in disappointment and thwarted lust, my tensed muscles dissolving into a resigned slump.

“Have you learned your lesson?” he croons, stroking my cheek with a gentle finger. I nod.

“Good.” He starts to untie me, sparking a momentary hope. “I believe it’s your turn to make dinner.” A chaste kiss on the cheek, and he is gone.

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  1. Minus being tied to something, I’ve had to sit through something VERY similar, and it was EXCRUCIATING. Also, hot AF, but painful to endure.

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