Professional cleavage

I love, love, love, the new Boobday meme as concocted by Hyacinth Jones. Boobs are fabulous bits – soft and squishy, warm and cosy, lovely to look at in all shapes and sizes. What’s not to love?!

I get cross when people tell me it’s ‘unprofessional’ to have any cleavage on display. Have they any idea how difficult it is to find clothes that don’t show cleavage when one has 38-GG tits??!! How could the degree to which I fit into standard commercial pattern clothing (designed for a B cup) have any bearing on my ability to do my job?! High necks make me feel like I’m being strangled. Fuck all that misogynistic patriarchal bollocks.

Here’s my competent, capable, professional cleavage in all its glory.

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