SoSS: snatched glimpses

I haven’t had nearly as much time this week for reading as I’d like, but what I did manage to catch a glance at as I sat on trains and smoked a furtive cigarette and scrolled though social media late at night, has helped keep me grounded and reminded me that good people do exist, nice things do happen and that there’s nothing like kindness to comfort a troubled soul.

Things that brightened my week

May More shares her advice for countering Twitter’s unfair and opaque shadowban

Jenby’s adorable image based on sage photography advice from Eroticon

Kisungura’s musings on bondage, to which I can totally relate as well as admiring her elegant, poignant writing

Charlie Forrest’s thoughts on his early-millennial experience of sexual attitudes. I think Charlie and I are a similar age because I recognise much of what he describes in my own background.

Hopefully, next week I’ll have more time for reading and sharing!

5 thoughts on “SoSS: snatched glimpses

  1. Thanks so much – I am made up you have included my article 😉 really hope it helps people a little

  2. Thanks very much for including my piece Bound, and especially for your kind words, I really appreciate it xx

  3. Such gorgeous picture on your site. Your figure is so enticing and alluring. Your man is very lucky and hope the more photos you take the more confidence you gain because you are something special to look at.

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