Eroticon 2019

Not gonna lie, I’ve had a pretty difficult week. What keeps me going in times like these is the joy and love I’ve found among the sexblogging tribe.

Last weekend was Eroticon and I had a totally excellent time. Molly and Michael played an absolute blinder, organising a conference that was as fun as it was educational, all running as smoothly as a well-oiled [fucking] machine. I’ve been avidly following the roundups and one thing that strikes me is the honesty and compassion with which everyone relates their experience. It’s ok to be tired or overwhelmed or unsure of yourself, it’s ok to feel like an imposter or need to hide out and give yourself a rest.

I had to pace myself so I didn’t participate in as much as I’d have liked to, but highlights for me were;

Hanging out with Hannah Lockhardt and JoyAsIsFlies. Two of the writers I most admire and excellent human beings to spend time with.

Molly’s Crowdsourced Keynote of advice contributed during the previous evening’s meet and greet social (idea courtesy of Girl On The Net), in which her valiant attempts to decipher tipsy scrawl were the cause of much amusement

Quinn Rhodes‘ session on representation in erotica. This was an interactive session which sparked lots of interesting discussion about assumptions, appropriation, and respect, as well as opening our eyes to the need for intersectionality in erotica.

The opportunity to speak about human rights (and privacy in particular) to some very kind and patient people who I hope I didn’t scare too much.

Chatting with the lovely Tabitha Rayne. Tabitha’s warm welcome last year at my first Eroticon gave me my first sense of how good-hearted and accepting this community is, so I was very chuffed to have the opportunity to sit down for a natter. I love Tabitha’s art and writing, and I’m looking forward to trying out my new Ruby Glow.

Getting geeky about sextech engineering with Claire from ElectraStim as she demoed the kit. I’m not sure I actually like the sensation of having my nerve endings stimulated by electrical current but because of that it has some very interesting possibilities indeed.

Meeting Marie Rebelle, Posy Churchgate, Missy, Confess Hannah, The Other Livvy, Innocent Loverboy, Jayne Renault, Exposing40, Candysnatch Reviews and many other fabulous people face to face for the first time

Trying out the vac bed, courtesy of Mac The Vac. My immobilisation kink was capering with glee.

Seeing my writing in a real book for the first time ever, in the Discovery anthology, alongside so many writers I greatly admire.

I live in hope that one day I will have the stamina to do the whole two days plus at least one of the socials because it looks like so much fun. I was careful to take it easy so as not to break myself but that did mean I missed out on a lot of awesomeness. Maybe next year….

A huge squishy hug of gratitude to Molly Moore and Michael Knight for organising everything and running it so smoothly. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time, effort and energy that involves – total respect to these two lovely human beings. You both utterly rock.

Big smiley thanks to the event sponsors, Chaturbate, Doxy, Hot Octopuss, Sheets of San Francisco, Temptation Holidays, ElectraStim, Ruby Glow, LoveGivr and for supporting this amazing event

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  1. I absolutely loved your session and loved meeting you, but regret not being able to talk to you more. Hope we can change this next year! <3

    Rebel xox

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