I’ve had a pair of heavy old-fashioned shackles for a while but they only got their first outing this weekend when I was locked into them for a session of impact play and forced orgasms.

I love the look and the clinking sound of them – they’re also surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Sinful Sunday

27 thoughts on “Shackles

  1. I’d love to play with shackles (and chains) – the harshness of them contrasts magnificently with your skin. Some great poses here and what a lovely backside you have!


  2. Ooooh, my curiosity is sparked! They look awesome 😀

  3. Oh those look glorious. Sadly most things like that I can slip my hands through. It took us ages to find a set that was small enough to keep me in them


    1. They do go a lot smaller than pictured but we kept them at escape-wriggling size just in case the key broke or got stuck! It still takes significant effort to get free but not ‘Gerald’s Game’-levels!

  4. My previous partner had a set custom made because I have small wrists…I loved the intensity of them! They *weren’t* comfortable…but that is what I liked about them.

  5. Your b&w photos showcase the vintage shackles to a T!!!

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