Sex Noises

I love noisy sex. Groans and grunts of lust, moans and whimpers of desire. The slap and slick of wet flesh, heavy breathing, gusting sighs. Mmmfff. Unnfff. Yeeaahhhhhh. Of course, feedback is important between the players – otherwise how would you know you had enthusiastic consent? – but above and beyond making sure that the other person is having a good time; sex noises are just damn sexy.

As long as they are genuine. I have to turn off the sound when I watch porn these days – it all just sounds so fake to me. Perhaps I’m being harsh, perhaps all of the performers are genuinely screaming in ecstasy and sounding like they’re putting it on is just how they always sound even when off-duty and rolling around lustfully on the kitchen floor at home. Even so; the sugary whines and the soulless scripted shrieks turn me off quicker than the sight of a lump of cat puke on the carpet (I chose that specific example because as I sat down to write about sex noises, I looked up and discovered that the Evil Furball had in fact deposited her lunch right in the middle of the room. Little sod. Brief hiatus while the cleanup operation commences).

So it’s not just any sex noises that get me off, it has to be the right kind of sex noises. Genuine, unfiltered, unscripted, heart(or parts south)felt vocalisations of pleasure or pain, lust and longing, arousal and orgasm. A breathless ‘oh’ of delight, a little catch of air indrawn past a bitten lower lip. A hiss of sensation and wonder. A helpless ‘aaahhhh’ as orgasm builds past the point of no return. Fuck yeah.

Even better than the right noises, are words. I love sexy talk during sex (or at almost any time…). I’ve mentioned before that words are my kink – with the right words, you can turn me to a drooling hot mess without even laying a finger on me. Menacing words of threat and control light a fire inside me, words of devotion and appreciation warm my heart, words of teasing humiliation slick my cunt and part my legs. Kitten, lovely, bitch, toy, slut, whore, mine, gorgeous, beautiful; drawled with slow sensuality, growled with hoarse lustfulness, clipped with authority, wielded as a lure or a binding.

Or spoken by me to be drunk in by you. I’d like to tell you how close to orgasm I am. I want to say ‘there, right there’ when your questing fingers slide across me and find the most sensitive spots. When you ask me who I belong to, it gives me the greatest pleasure to say “You”. Ask me what I want, and I’ll be only to happy to tell you. I want to be devoured, taken, fucked, cherished, beaten, held close, held down, tied up, covered in kisses and covered in your jizz; all the while telling you how much I’m enjoying myself and hearing how much you are too.

Three rousing cheers for noisy sex!

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7 thoughts on “Sex Noises

  1. I’m right with you about sex noises in porn. I don’t like watching porn with sound on, except for one kind of porn, which I want to blog about soon! Sex noises can be sexy, but only the right ones πŸ™‚

    Rebel xox

  2. Yeah production porn doesn’t usually do it for me. The self produced stuff with people doing their original, organic turn ons is the way to go. You can tell they love doing it how they want to share it, like Xev Bellringer (who took the name from my favorite sci-fi kinky show Lexx).

  3. Oh the wit, the truth of your words really grab me and make me want to read on. Your content is always so sexy, I am nodding and smiling as I read this. Yessssss!

  4. I love sexy noises and words too… and also I prefer amateur porn that’s home filmed and just people because its so much more realistic! TFS!

  5. Totally with you on words are my kink… actually I think we need a Kink of the Week on that one because say the right thing and hot damn I will be a puddle at your feet


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