Chain reaction

Thinking about chains does something to me

It does something to me, to think of chains.

Chains can have no innocence, they have only one application. To bind and hold. I imagine links pressing against my skin, cold metal shifting but never softening. Unyielding. Uncompromising.

You know you’re restrained when you’re bound with chain. Wriggle out you may, but never through. Snap the links with enough effort but where there was only one, now there are many. All the better to decorate with.

Chains speak to me in soft clinking, ringing ripples, harsh clatter. “Wear me” they sing “submit and be held in my embrace”. “‘Ware me” they whisper “I am cold and hard, Feel me pinch and grind. I can hurt you.”

Silently I acknowledge their enticements, pay homage to their mastery with yearning to be bound; spread or huddled in their grip. Stretched taut or clenched tight, held up or held down. Lurid images scrawl across my mind; my limbs encircled, draped, traced out in brutal links and heavy locks. Owned, controlled. Used.

Say it out loud; “CHAIN” and relish the harsh promise of consonant, the drawn-out tension of vowel, trailing off into soft surrender.

It does something to me, to think of chains.

4 thoughts on “Chain reaction

  1. I did say it out loud. There’s a heaviness to the word – I’m not sure if that’s purely psychological or as you say, the word sings in so many ways.

    It’s funny you write this too, chains came up in my mind over the weekend. I thought about the coldness of it, the restriction it around the body or what it would feel like to strike my sub in a scene.

    There’d be a musically to it too, I reckon, as they rattle against each other after a whip.

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