I was feeling pretty terrible, my mind playing tricks and my body protesting against the sudden withdrawal of my head meds, so I went back to bed in the middle of the daytime, fully intended to sleep off the symptoms.

As I snuggled into my pillow-piled nest, I realised I wasn’t sleepy. Perhaps a little solo play session would help me feel better. I explored the idea behind closed eyelids; would it? Contemplating the possibilities of my toy collection, a spark of arousal began to glow – I realised that already I felt less sick, less headachy, less despondent. Worth a try then.

As I’m currently under an orgasm ban (ending tonight, wheeee!) my standard approach of simply jamming my bullet against my clit until I came was clearly out of the question. Some creativity would be called for…

Suddenly, I had the overwhelming desire to feel the unyielding touch of glass. I reached for a clear chunky dildo, tapped it against my hardening nipples. Yes. This. Yes.

When I reached down to stroke myself with the rounded tip, I found myself already wet, the cold glass slipping smoothly across my soft folds, clit to cunt and back again slowly, deliberately. I wanted to grind and pound and fill myself; which is exactly why I didn’t. No, instead I allowed myself no more than an inch of penetration with the tip of the dildo before returning to leisurely strokes back and forth against my vulva. So good. But not enough to keep me from wanting to reach for the bullet. What I needed was something to distract my greedy clit enough to let me play with myself for a long long time.

Clamps. I have a set of three linked by a chain. One squeezing each nipple, the third gripping my swollen bud; with every movement the chain swung and the clamps pulled. Fuck. It was glorious. On all fours, shoving the dildo into myself, the chain rested against the mattress muffling its movements. I needed more space so I knelt upright and rocked my hips as though riding an invisible lover.


The pinching of the clamps

The tugging of the swinging chain

Cold metal against my bare skin

And because I’m a greedy slut, I added a metal buttplug to the ensemble for a while.

So there was I, clamped and plugged, enjoying the longest and best orgasm-free wank I’d ever had.

I feel much better now.

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