#SoSS: Inspiration

This week, I was amazed and overjoyed to find myself on the list of New Voice awards in Molly’s top sex blogs 2018 (sponsored by Chaturbate). One of seven writers – some of whom were familiar (kisungura, Jayne Renault) and others who are new to me – I look forward to delving into their sites over the coming days.

Then the top 100 list was published and I realised what a small proportion of the writers on there I actually know about. Lordy, if only I didn’t have a day job that claims so much of my attention! When I win the Lottery, I’m going to spend almost all of my time reading about sex, with occasional breaks for writing about sex and actually having sex. That’s my idea of the good life 😆

Today I saw a tweet by Amy Norton that reminded me that the writers themselves don’t always know about the differences their words are making in other people’s lives. I was reading other people’s blogs for a while before I started my own, wondering if I could have the courage to be so open about my thoughts and feelings to an unseen audience, hoping that I could write with similar elegance and raw eroticism as the words I was reading. Writing my blog has been unexpected fun, helping me to understand myself better, channeling both my inner slut and my long-held goal of being a writer. It’s brought me so much joy, it’s only fair to thank and celebrate those writers who inspired me right at the start.

1. Girl on the Net

The first sex blog I ever read, after a close friend recommended a specific post (I forgot which but it was definitely one of the ‘filthy ones’). Over the course of a weekend, I read everything on the site with total, wide-eyed, thigh-squeezing fascination and have been an avid follower ever since.

2. Amy Norton

Much of my recent education on previously-unfamiliar topics such as polyamory started with Amy’s educational and insightful writing. Being of occasionally fragile mental health myself, I greatly admire the honesty and courage with which Amy tackles this topic. I had no idea erotica could actually be so erotic (having previously only been exposed to the Mills & Boon or Jilly Cooper end of the genre).

3. Quinn Rhodes

Quinn was writing under another name when I first stumbled across her blog. From the start, her beautiful pictures and highly-charged erotica got me hooked. As with both GOTN and Amy Norton’s writings, Quinn also tackles the topics of mental health, relationships and libido, with bravery, grace and wisdom.

4. Kayla Lords

Once I’d realised that I needed to learn more about kink in order to really recognise and enjoy my own preferences, the BDSM section of Kayla’s site became my first port of call. Her sound common sense, compassion and genuine desire to help others leaps off the screen straight away. I’d had plenty of experience in how not to do D/s relationships but up until about two years ago, no real idea of what it might look like when it’s working as intended. Kayla’s was one of the blogs that really opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Since then, I have discovered many more excellent bloggers – some new to the community, some just new to me – and I hope to continue to do so for a long time yet! Today I want to acknowledge these four writers who inspired me to get started on this journey, to let you know that what you do does make a difference – a huge one – and to say a massive thank you because if it hadn’t been for you; I might not have arrived at this point at all.

Love ya guys

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