Friday Night

On Friday night, I and the Fella with new and old friends, went to a fetish club.

I looked and felt blatantly sexy. I wore revealing clothing, something I haven’t done in public for many years. I writhed and undulated on the dance floor, I took a bare-arsed spanking in front of a crowd of avid spectators, I was led around by a chain and every minute of it felt good, right, natural.

I sat and chatted – about kink, of course, but also about reminiscences, IT project delivery, developments in AI, that man’s amazing butt and flowing beard, that woman’s otherworldy beauty, those people’s elaborate makeup, our plans and hopes and thoughts.

We were surrounded by people who were there to have fun, dance, play, chat; people of many ages, backgrounds, regions, professions, persuasion and passions wearing some utterly fabulous outfits – lace, velvet, latex, leather, PVC, chains, straps, stays, feathers, and exotic makeup.

Consent was negotiated – and protected. There were no visible altercations. There was violence but only that which had been discussed, agreed upon and enjoyed by the participants.

….he leans forward and clips the chain to my collar-ring, wraps the links around his fist to reel me in, our eyes locked. Around us music pounds and throbs. With a tilt of his head and a tug on my chain, he orders me to my knees before him. Gazing up at his handsome face in awe and adoration, I wait with lust-soaked obedience for release. Take me I plead silently, use me, hurt me, own me, love me

…I’m shackled wrists-together over the spanking bench, my thighs pushed wide apart. He holds my head down, no peeking and pushes my skirt up over my hips, exposing black lace and smooth skin. In one hand, he hefts the flogger; with the other he caresses, explores, assesses…

…the flogger trails lightly over my arms, along my back, the leather leaf-and-rose-petal falls brushing softly in sensual contrast to the sharp sting of the tawse against my bare butt cheeks. I’m writhing, moaning, both flinching from and arching my back in pleasure towards each blow…

…it’s a competition and a collaboration between them, my lover and my friend – timing and placing their impacts in quick succession, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek harder, right cheek, harder still. My fists are clenched; my cunt aches with need for him. He checks in – everything ok? – yes, I’m fine, I’m good, don’t stop…

…with my face held to the leather bench by a strong hand on the back of my head, I can’t see how many people are behind the railings. It was crowded when we arrived and now there will be dozens of strangers’ eyes watching my arse shudder with the shock of each impact, seeing my skin redden. Can they see the glistening of arousal in the smooth cleft between my thighs? Do they track the swing of the flogger in his hand from its path through the air to its landing-slap against my tender nethers? The thought brings a flush to my face and a whimper to my lips. This is so much fun…

…I’m sandwiched between the handsome man I love devotedly and a pretty girl I love differently, who strokes my arm with warm fingers while he rests a casual hand on my fishnet-clad knee. They play with the chain attached to my collar, trailing the cold links against my warm skin and watching with appreciation the shiver and squirm of my response. Her lips pressed against mine are soft, sweet, gentle. I feel safe, loved, admired, desired and in return I am filled with the urge to serve and please, to be useful and used…

…resounding slaps on bruised and flaming flesh; each a shock of glorious agony, the receding tide of sensation meeting the next impact, wave on wave until I am engulfed and awash…

…he helps me to my feet, wraps his arms around me and kisses me tenderly. Later, when we get home, he will gag me and fuck me with brutal power, holding me in place with tight grip while I come, drooling and gasping and shuddering with joy.

Later still, we will share a quiet spliff in the breaking dawn light before snuggling down together under the duvet; tired, happy, loving, sleepy.

Best night out ever


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