#Pervember 14: Praise Kink

Oh yes. Oh definitely. I didn’t know this had an actual name until I started this Pervember exercise, but this is certainly a significant one for me.

I’m a good girl, aren’t I? See how hard I work, to bring you joy and make you smile. To cause your groans of pleasure. To taste abandonment and indulgence. I’m on my knees for you; mouth open, eyes wide, beseeching you to use me for your satisfaction. I’m stretched and bound for you, open and willing, offering myself for your delectation. I need your words of appreciation. I crave your lustful gaze. I long for your admiration.

Tell me what a good girl I am…..please? Tell me in hoarse, rough tone as you plunder and ravage, or in gentle whispers with an approving hand on the nape of my neck. Tell me with your eyes, your words, your smile; that I am pleasing you.

If I’m bad occasionally; challenging your orders or provoking for punishment, it’s because there is such sweetness in earning my way back into your good graces and basking in the warmth of your approval. Disapproval cuts my heart to ribbons, forgiveness heals it seamless and stronger. Appreciation is an aphrodisiac.

Call me “good girl” when your fingers find the slick wetness of my hungry cunt. Tell me “well done” as you paint my face with your hot come. Say “brave” and “beautiful” with the last harsh stinging impact on my reddened skin. I am your courtesan; your accomplished, attractive, sensuous servant. Pay me with compliments, reward me with recognition, of my charms, my efforts, my effect upon you. It makes me hot, wet, happy, fulfilled, smile, joyful, inspired, desiring.

Are you proud of me? I can’t ask; that would ruin it. Praise solicited is hollow, praise elicited is shallow. Am I doing it right? Are you pleased with me? Do I stir your loins, whirl your mind, fill your heart, colour your thoughts?

I crave your praise. It is my nectar

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