#Pervember 13: Biting

I like to be bitten. Is it an actual kink of mine? I don’t think so. I don’t fantasise about being bitten, specifically. It’s not something I’d ask for if it wasn’t happening. I do enjoy a bite or twenty – whether gentle nibbles at my ears, neck and nipples; or a toothsome chomp on my buttocks, thighs and breasts, but I wouldn’t feel deprived if such attentions were not forthcoming. So it’s an enjoyable optional kinky extra rather than a driving sexual need (such as bondage or impact play is) to me.

I’m a physical masochist, many kinds of pain sensation either cause me direct sexual arousal or simply stir up endorphins for an enjoyable rush. The added intimacy of having that pain applied from straight the mouth of another person is a subversive enhancement. The proximity, the understanding that a piece of me is inside part of them, under their control and at their mercy. That; as much as the pain, is what I enjoy.

I like to bite too. Not in a sadistic or dominating way – that’s not my thing at all. But to scrape my teeth lightly over warm skin or to feel a yielding roll of flesh held gently between them, there’s something very satisfying and sensual about that.

I’ve been known to distribute the odd sharp nip of disapproval as well. While I take no pleasure in causing pain, sometimes that is a highly effective method of communication.

But all things considered, I’d rather take a huge greedy bite out of a cream cake or a pizza than another person.