Words Are My Kink

Lexicon is my lechery
I do like a big one –
vocabulary, that is
catch me with clever conversation,
capture with candour and clarity
enthralled by erudition, I remain,
(faithfully, your humble servant)
retained with ropes of repartee
spoken to salaciously;
seeking satisfaction in scribings
DM me your dirty mind;
your depraved musings
whisper wickedness to make me whimper
talk titillates, discourse is desire
I am wanton with words, kibbitz your kinks
let us luxuriate in libraries of lust
narrating our novel of naughty and nice
scrolling through sin and paging perversions
meet me with mastery of metaphor
and dominance of dictionary
and I’ll be yours

5 thoughts on “Words Are My Kink

  1. I can’t explain how much I love this… Which is ironic really.

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