A Note of Thanks

I haven’t been blogging for very long – although I seem to have managed to produce quite a bit of writing in the less-than-12-months since I started. In that time, I’ve been bolstered and encouraged by the likes, comments and mentions that kind people have bestowed upon me, and participated enthusiastically in various memes and prompts.

Today was an amazing day – my name appeared on Kinkly’s top 100 Sex Blogger Superheroes list, alongside so many of the writers I admire and enjoy. Being on a list – wow. Being on a list with Girl On The Net, Coffee and Kink, Hannah Lockhardt, Cara Thereon and Molly’s Daily Kiss (to name just a handful of the writers I hugely admire) – MEGA WOW! I’m so pleased, I’ve been hugging myself all day.

I often say in jest, “I write, therefore I feel” but it’s not wholly a joke – often, I don’t know quite how I feel about something until I start to type words and then suddenly, magically, the thought coalesces on the screen. I write when I’m horny, angry, sad, lonely, happy….and the writing always brings back my sense of self and my place in the world. Even if no-one ever read my musings, I’d still write them for me.

Gratifyingly however, my words are being read and that’s what this post is really all about. It’s a huge happy “thank you!” to everyone who reads my stuff, to the lovely people that nominated and voted for my blog, and for the fabulous sex blogger community, particularly those who hang out on Twitter.

And just as large a “thank you!” to the bloggers who operate the memes and prompts that have been so helpful in providing inspiration and direction to my writing – Molly, Marie and Kayla, you guys are awesome

This is starting to read like a cheesy Oscars speech, so before I get to thanking my internet hosting provider and the purveyors of Apple gear; I’ll sign off with a big squishy hug to everyone on – and off – the Kinkly list, you dear readers, my Twitter chums and my dear friend Petticoat Diva whose staunch support and friendship (along with much pisstaking and eyerolling!) brings sunshine to my life.


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