Out of this world

Sex is a challenge when one of you is 300 miles from the surface of the Earth, but Tanya and Selena aren’t going to let that stop them…

Far below her, the Earth hangs bright and sparkling, a jewel of blue and white and green and brown nestling against the black velvet of space.

Tanya comes here as often as her full schedule permits, likes the serenity and spectacle of her home seen from orbit. As close to silent as possible in this humming, buzzing, creaking, clanking tin can, sometimes she visits for the tranquility. Not today though.

Today is excitement and anticipation. She’s been saving it for many days, thwarted by the duties of maintenance and scientific discovery that her role here has imposed on her, diverted by television appearances, messages from Ground Control; wanting no distractions she has waited for the perfect moment in which to enjoy the gift. Already her nipples are hardening, her pulse accelerating. In her pocket are the two items which have been tugging at the edges of her attention since the crazy-dangerous ascent from the gravity well was safely over.

Down there, Selena is awaiting her return. Wondering perhaps, is this the moment? Is she listening? Is she remembering my touch, my scent, how my arms feel around her? Tanya would like to think that right now, Selena is looking upwards, somehow knowing that the time has come.

She slips the memory card into the port on her comms unit and switches on the small but powerful bullet.

Selena’s voice, soft and husky fills her ears.

“Hello my love. By the time you hear this, you’ll be the furthest apart from me you’ve ever been and I miss you.”

The brief sting of tears. Amidst the professional bustle and the technology, Tanya has had little time to yearn for her lover, but now, hearing her voice, every set-aside pang of separation strikes her at once.

“I hope you’re not crying” Selena’s voice is amused, she knows Tanya inside and out in every way possible. “Don’t cry. Listen instead. Close your eyes and follow my voice”

Tanya tethers herself to the wall before following this instruction, free-floating with one’s eyes closed is inadvisable in zero gravity.

“Touch the bullet to your left nipple, then your right”

Its vibrations are strong enough to be felt through the compression suit. Tanya shivers with delight, the stiff fabric rubbing against her peaked nipples an unexpectedly intense sensation.

“I’m thinking about your juicy cunt. How soft and slippery you feel under my fingers. How delicious you taste when I run my tongue over your folds. I do so love sucking on your clit” murmurs Selena.

Tanya moans out loud, oh god

“Are you wet now? I hope so. I am. I’m stroking myself and wishing these were your hands. I’m sliding two fingers inside myself right now.”

If only Tanya could do the same.

“Press the bullet against your clit” orders the voice in her ear.

She hasn’t been touched like this in weeks. Training, launch prep, space – none of these environments have offered opportunity for sensuality. Tanya grinds against the throbbing bullet, gasping in delight.

“Mmm I bet you’re enjoying that babe. I’m picturing your face. You’re so cute when you’re turned on”

“I fucking love you” whispers Tanya across the vast distance between them, as she writhes and wriggles in pleasure.

“Keep that bullet right there. You’re going to come for me. Making you come is my favourite pastime, you know.”

She knows. She considers herself the luckiest woman in the world – or indeed, off it.

“If you were with me right now, I’d be sucking on your nipple, rolling it around with my tongue. I’d be pushing my fingers into your mouth, ‘cos the feeling of your hot wet tongue makes me crazy for you.

I’d be working my way down your skin with little bites until I reach your wet cunt. Mmm”

Selena’s breath is coming faster, her recorded voice roughening with lust. “Oh I so much want to be cupping your arse right now and burying my head between your legs”

The bullet hums, sensation melding with sound behind Tanya’s closed eyes. Selena. She can almost smell the coconut oil in her hair, almost feel the plump soft mouth pressed against her own. She reaches with her free hand, almost expecting to meet the warm skin of her lover, disappointed when she encounters only empty air

“Are you getting close? Press harder with the bullet. Imagine my tongue slipping in and out of you and circling your clit just the way you like it”

She is close; the stinging-sweet tension in her groin building and blossoming.

“When you come home, I’m going to fuck you with every toy in the cupboard. I think I’ll start with that big glass one, the ribbed one. Your favourite I believe. I’m going to lick you and suck you and fuck you till you scream.”

And she almost does, the image that Selena has cast tipping her over the edge into jerking, spasming ecstasy. Tanya smothers the urge to yell her grateful release from the bottom of her lungs. Instead, she curls herself, gasping and shuddering around the hand still holding the bullet, letting the vibrations stay the ebb of her orgasm, Selena’s caressing voice filling her ears and mind.

“…and when you’re limp and drooling and can’t manage even one more, I’ll wrap you in blankets and cover you in kisses and hold you until you sleep. I love you Tanya. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Be safe up there and I’ll see you in seven weeks.”

Tanya switches off the recording and the bullet and blows a kiss at the bright Earth outside the window. Only five weeks to go and she hopes the bullet’s charge will last until then. A grin crosses her face as she imagines their reunion.

“Yes, you did make the Earth move!”

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