She steps into view and-

oh, hel-lo gorgeous

-for she is, truly.

Often a source of displeasure, tonight her appearance sparks joy across my synapses. Luminous, carefully made-up dark eyes peer anxiously before widening with delighted recognition.

she sees

Moving my gaze slowly downwards to take in her smooth, slightly-rounded shoulders-

pull those back. stand straight

-to her full, heavy breasts, nipples the colour of strong tea; already hardening to questing nubs under my lascivious scrutiny. I smirk-

mmm, you know what I want

-she does, and moves closer, parting her lips in expectation.

I make her wait, continuing my assessment, turning her to inspect the sinuous outlines of her curves; lower back, buttocks, thigh, and facing front again, arms, hips. I like what I see.

touch yourself

Permission given, she reaches down to the shadowy tangle between her legs, shifts her weight onto one cocked hip and draws her fingers lightly across her labia.

I inhale, sharply.


This time, she brushes her clit in a slow circling motion, and looks up to meet my eyes.

good girl

Looking downwards again to see her other hand move to spread her lips apart so that she can stroke the pink seam between.

kneel. legs apart.

From this angle, I can see the glisten of her arousal on her slowly-rubbing fingers. Among her least-favoured features, the wide palms and short, thickened fingers are never going to win any hand-modelling contracts. But those scarred and misaligned joints have produced the most glorious sensations. They can dance across the keys of the piano, pluck at the strings of a guitar, wield the sketching-pencil and the embroidery needle, bring forth beauty and joy with skill.

There is no need for her to dislike her hands.

suck, I tell her, pressing my fingers into her mouth. She complies happily, sliding her tongue over and between them, pulling them in deeper to fill her mouth. I groan with the sensation of hot, wet suction against my skin.

My cunt aches with the need to be filled, stretched, pounded into until I whimper and wonder if I can take any more, then harder and deeper and faster until I can’t, I really can’t, oh please, no more, I can’t, stop, no, no….

I flick her clit, cruelly, to make her jump.

keep still

And again

eyes open.

And again, harder, watching the flicker of a wince cross her face, admiring how her eyes narrow and she traps her lower lip between her teeth.

I attach the nipple clamps, closing them tightly so that gentle tugging on the chain that runs between them does not dislodge their grip.

She smirks as I reach for my longest, thickest dildo, its knobbled glass cold and heavy against my palms.

all this is for you

And gasp as I push it slowly, firmly inside me, sliding myself down, then upwards, then down again until I am impaled on its heft.

I flick my eyes up to the mirror to see a beatific smile cross my painted face. Close my eyes and let my head drop back.

Grasp the flared base of the dildo and begin the wild ride to release


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  1. It was being LDR with Michael and masturbating on Skype for him and seeing myself in the little window that was my discovery of his much I enjoyed watching myself


  2. Funny how the “voice” was very masculine (and also Dominant) in my head, so discovering who was really calling the shots was a delightfully unexpected twist. 🙂

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