#SoSS: Splendid Things 13th October

Sadly, I never have enough time to do all of the things I want to do, and reading other people’s work is one of them. There is soooo much amazing stuff out there and when I win the Lottery I’m going to spend all of my time reading, sharing and celebrating it. For the moment, however, the day job and administration of my personal life mean that I tend to focus on creating my own work and miss out on a lot of others’.

Finding myself with some unexpected leisure time this week; I’m very pleased to be able to share some of the content that has brought me joy.

This incredible erotic story of angels and demons by @ella_scandal

This beautifully-written story of a cheeky hookup at an airport by @jayne_renault

This gorgeous, gorgeous glow-in-the-dark rope picture tweeted by @SohoSerum

This disturbingly hot short story by @thereon_cara (CW non-consensual, violent)

This femdom tale – highly intriguing to me as someone who is a total stranger to that headspace – by @_floss_84

I’ve vowed to try and make time to do this more often!

SoSS (Share our shit Saturday) - we won’t be silenced

4 thoughts on “#SoSS: Splendid Things 13th October

  1. This is a great #SoSS, Zebra Rose! Thanks for making me part of it.


  2. Lovely – funnily enough I shared that story by Jayne R this week too! Great #SoSS post, it seemed as if you did it right to me! x

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