I’m not remotely susceptible to hypnosis, much to my bitter disappointment. Probably because of that, I find it fascinating and live in hope that it will work on me one day. I’d love to play with hypno-kink.

Her voice is a silk thread, reaching through my ears to tether me to this couch.

I am sinking, and floating against the cool leather.

Eyes closed, breathing deeply.

Her soft words slide across my skin; leaving ghost-fingerprints burning behind them. Sentence by sentence, she melts my tension and dissolves my anxieties.

Breath by breath, I coalesce around the heat that is building; feel the swelling and tingle of arousal.

She touches me with whispers, binds me with instructions. Under her command, I am free to feel, and know, and believe.

Ten. She describes how my nipples peak and harden between her imagined pinching fingertips; as she speaks, my body responds.

Nine. She strokes me with her tongue; finding all of my most sensitive places.

Eight. Word by word she builds aching tendrils of desire: sends them swirling out from my core to lick at my limbs.

Seven. Blood surges and throbs in my swollen clit; captured by her mouth, I am entirely at her mercy

Six. Breathing faster. Feeling deeper

Five. She weaves a rope of belief around me, holding me tight in her grasp

Four. My cunt clenches around each suggestion, her spell is around me and inside me

Three. There is a pleasure-fire building within me, fuelled by her softly-spoken command

Two. I am poised on the brink, teetering and twitching in agony of anticipation. Yes, I moan into the darkness between us. Please

She keeps me there, watching me writhe with urgent need. If I could open my eyes, I would see her smile; affection tinged with victory, fascination with a hint of amusement as she regards her favourite toy.

I wait, suspended over the flames, for her to unlock my orgasm.

“When I say the last number, you will come hard, screaming my name. You will not move. You will lie still until your orgasm has passed and then you will rise to full alertness”


Mistress Ella!

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16 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. It is not a kink for me either, firstly I just don’t buy it and secondly I am not being out of control like that, it is why I don’t get drunk or high because I hate that feeling. Having said that your description here is definitely hot and the idea of orgasming without any touch is something I have always wondered about as I have orgasmed in my dreams so I know my body can do it


    1. I think if it is done by a trained professional in a 1:1 setting that it is definitely possible for many people but not all. I tried some of the erotic hypnosis audio files on YouTube and while it definitely made me tingle and feel very horny, I didn’t actually make it all the way to orgasm.
      I only get ruined orgasms in my dreams!

  2. HOT! I’ve never engaged in Erotic Hypnosis though it is on the kinky bucket list. However I am very susceptible to words that are whispered in the right tone and at the right time, so I can 100% imagine the scene you’ve written out working for me x

    1. I’m glad you liked it! I suspect that it would probably take a lot of practice between top and bottom before hand-free orgasm-on-demand were possible but I think it would be fun to work on 😋

  3. This is such a good format for a story- really enjoyed the read, I am not susceptible either – have tried but apparently it is quite a low percentage who are x

    1. Thank you! The low percentage thing makes sense. I wonder if susceptibility is inherent or whether it can be increased with practice 🤔

  4. I loved this and wonder how it would work in real life but I think I’d be worried of being stuck there! Irrational but enough to prevent susceptibility I imagine.

    1. Thinking about subspace…’s an altered state of consciousness which can be induced through specific activities…..what’s the difference? I think perhaps there isn’t really one, only the methods of getting there are different…

    2. Oops, the Nerdself hijacked the comment there – what I meant to say also is thank you and I’m very pleased you enjoyed the story!

      1. You’re so right actually, I was also thinking about how I drift away during the verbal direction relaxation bit in yoga….hmmm, maybe not so unsusceptible after all! X

  5. Hypnosis isn’t something I’m into and can’t do — plus the idea of being that much out of control really bothers me. That being said, if I honestly thought it would be like this for me…I might be willing to reconsider, lol.

  6. I agree with much of what Molly and Kayla wrote. I have no experience with erotic hypnosis and it’s never been something I’ve considered. I also don’t like drinking or using drugs for much the sames reasons. I’d rather be fully alert and present. But I did find this powerfully erotic and very well written! Thanks for sharing! 😉

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