I dislike the term ‘foreplay’ with its insinuation that penetration is the main event; and as though anything non-penetrative is trivial and frivolous compared to the Real Business of sticking something somewhere.

But even if I were to use that term as shorthand for ‘the introductory stages of sexual activity for the purpose of stimulating arousal’, I’d still have issues with the ‘play’ part. I like my getting-revved-up activity to be serious. Not necessarily solemn, but with focus, intent and dedication. No messing about here, I want to see hunger and need in your eyes. That turns me on, more than any caress.

Yes, I like my clit stroked and my nipples pinched. I welcome your cock in my mouth or your hands cupping my breasts. You can touch, hold, lick, bite; make me gasp, make me squeal – but if you truly want to awaken the wanton in me, start with my mind.

Fuck me with your eyes and your words; collar my attention with your intent and my body will follow the leash of your lust.

Talk to me. Tell me in low, firm tones how much you want me. By the time you’ve finished the first sentence, I’ll be soaking wet and weak at the knees.

Look down into my eyes with uncompromising, commanding gaze. I’ll melt.

Pin me with nothing but an expression of dark speculation. Please

Hold me close and deliver demands in hoarse, hot breath against my ear. Oh yes

That look, those words; promises with a hint of threat, adoration saturated with lust and desire. Show me those and I’m ready – so ready and willing and eager – for you to fuck me.

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6 thoughts on “Mindfucking

  1. I don’t like the term foreplay either, it makes it sound like that stuff is not as good as fucking when that is just not the case


    1. Absolutely. It reinforces the pernicious notion that the only purpose of a woman’s pleasure is to facilitate entry by a man. 😠

  2. So with you – the power of the mind in arousal can not be overestimated 😉

  3. I never really thought much about the term foreplay (other than to know other people don’t like it) but I also don’t really use the term, either — not anymore, at least. What JB and I do together is sex and sexual. It feels good, and it’s not always penetrative, so I never thought to give the “warm up” the typical name because it’s all part of the greater whole.

    Okay, so all that being said…YES to aaaaaall of this. This is my kind of sex/foreplay/warm-up/whatever we want to call it. YAS.

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