Feigning Innocence

Anyone who knows me is well aware that ‘innocent’ is definitely not a word that would spring to mind when describing me. I’m filthy-minded and foul-mouthed, assertive and knowing (possibly even knowing-it-all).

This picture is about as close as I get – white lacy knickers and shyly quirked feet may give an impression of tentative innocence but the knickers were round my ankles for a reason – I was pulling them on again after having indulged in a lengthy session of cocksucking while being whipped, culminating in glorious rough anal sex.

Oh yeah, and the chevron tan-marks from my flipflops also function as arrows to indicate which way I prefer my knickers to be travelling 😋

Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “Feigning Innocence

  1. At least you can appear sweet. Then you can surprise those who are expecting a sweet girl. I quite like that you are really a naughty girl

  2. This is such a great image and the flip flop marks made me laugh out loud. I have those too!


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