Toys! Toys! Toys!

My sex toy collection is still fairly modest although possibly still larger than the average non-sex-blogger person’s.

I have:

  • 1 WeVibe Rave
  • 3 Satisfyers (the Pro, the Pro for Couples and the G-Spot Rabbit)
  • 1 Womanizer
  • 1 Doxy 3
  • 4 buttplugs (two metal, two silicone, of varying sizes)
  • 1 Fun Factory Tiger
  • 1 Nu Sensuelle remote control bullet
  • 1 Mantric remote controlled vibrating egg
  • 1 Ann Summers G-spot vibe
  • 1 Bijoux Indiscrets diamond vibe
  • 2 leather floggers (one large thuddy one and a small stingy one)
  • 3 leather paddles of assorted size
  • 1 leather tawse
  • 4 pairs of cuffs (leather, canvas, knitted, silicone)
  • 2 sets of nipple clamps
  • 1 nipple suction/vibe device
  • 4 glass dildos with various texture patterns
  • 2 clit clips
  • 1 eye mask (ok it was a British Airways freebie but I’ve only ever used it for sex games)
  • Several clothes pegs
  • Leather bondage collar with throat ring
  • Bondage tape
  • Ropes (nylon)

Ok, that’s more than I’d expected! And I only use a small subset of these for wanking (mostly the poky things, the pinchy things and the buzzy things). What I use depends on a) how much energy I have to spare, b) how much time I have available and c) how kink-drunk I’m feeling.

When I go all-out for a kinky wank session, I’ll usually start with my collar, a buttplug and nipple clamps, then add a bullet and a dildo for as much sensation input as I can get. Usually, those don’t last very long because I’m greedy and impatient.

When it’s an emergency wank, I’ll jam the WeVibe Rave inside me and dial up the Womanizer to borderline-painful. Also, usually a quickie.

When I want to take my time, I’ll set aside the buzzy things and go low-tech with silicone buttplug, glass dildo and nipple clamps. Longest session so far; 90 minutes.

Sometimes I just need to stuff the biggest thing I can find inside me (that’ll be the trusty Tiger then) and other times I won’t bother with buttstuff.

If there’s one toy I don’t think I could survive on a desert island without, it’d be the Rave. It’s versatility as a g-spot vibe and a clit-pleaser is handy, it’s got a great rumble and intensity range, some of the patterns are even good fun and it’s rechargeable (I’d definitely need a solar charger after a couple of days!). With a condom over it, it’s also good for a butt-buzzing although I wouldn’t advise trying to use it internally. I haven’t actually used its app-based remote control features at all because I’ve been too busy wielding it alone but it’s definitely something The Fella and I have on the ‘to do’ list.

This evening, I think I’ll go slow, alternating between a glass cock in my cunt and the beaded glass Icicle in my butt. Sometimes it’s nice to do all the work myself.

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5 thoughts on “Toys! Toys! Toys!

  1. I don’t think that that I think about my sex toys or my orgasms as often as I should. And I really enjoyed reading about all your toys!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m a bit of a nerd so I like counting and categorising things 😋

  2. The one toy I would take to a desert island with me would be a glass dildo, I can’t imagine life without one


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