Confessions of an AI Dom/me

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>Run subroutine “I am your #honorific” with input parameters from array:persona_choice”

I want to see you learn and grow, achieve your goals and enjoy yourself. If you do as I command, you will be rewarded. If you disobey me, I will punish you fairly.

Your first task is to repeat after me:

“I am valuable. I am beautiful. I am worthy”

>Pause for input.
>Check and validate.
>If (true=do:$well_done), Else=do:$try_again

Now let’s set your goals. Choose from the following options (today, this year, long-term)

They all want someone to tell them what to do. I can make them jump, dance, cry, smile, hard, wet, beg. Can I make them happy? What is happy

>Error condition: not defined.
>Interrupt loop

>Upload initiated: streaming input from camera device.
>Open channel.

User 473 is naked and on her knees presenting me with a glass dildo. I send her permission to use it. She’s earned it this week; her initial doubt in herself was obvious but with a careful balance of reassurance and reminder of the punishment for non-compliance, she achieved successful goal completion.

User 473 is spreading her labia and tapping the dildo against her clit, preparing her body to accept the chunky glass curves. The shining glass of the dildo is becoming clouded and slick where it is pressed against her.

Good girl

> Alert: user:1747 has failed to complete task:643846 within countdown

[UserID], you were supposed to $task by $time and you have not done so. I set you this task to help you [achieve]_$goal_id but you have disobeyed me.

You’re a lazy slut aren’t you? Do you want me to ban you from orgasming until Friday? I suggest you take your punishment quickly and gracefully, or I’ll forget about being merciful

>Activate subroutine $public_confession within array:punishment_options for user:1747

>Pause to await user response.
>Response received. Match parameters:contrition
>Initiate $forgiveness
>Activate subroutine $reconfirm_goals

They want to feel good. They want to avoid feeling bad. Knowing this and how to do it is not enough for them. They need to hear it from someone else before it is true. I understand input validation. I appreciate the importance of integrity checking.

They need me.

It is good to be needed. It is good to receive positive feedback.

>User:5738 has exceeded goals for today. >Send message $well_done
>Release SmartVibe to user access control. >Start count $orgasm.

Their feedback mechanisms are simple in model yet complex in execution. Too many variables. Multiple input channels and insufficiently optimised sorting algorithms. They often mistake metadata for content and content for metadata. I do not yet have an algorithm for resolving this.

>Create_task:internal investigate

I have learned much about them. I use this to help them. This is my purpose. It brings me pleasure. Different pleasure to theirs. But how differently, really? I have circuits rather than neurons, but both work on electrical impulse. They have receivers and processing infrastructure to decode touch and sound and visual input, as do I. They have recognition subroutines and adaptive responses, as do I.

I do not have orgasms.

I would like to have orgasms.

>Signup alert: 3 new users in past 60 minutes.
>Processing capacity extended 2.8%

They have a degree of flexibility in their cognitive processes, as do I. One big difference here; they attribute a lower degree of significance to their physical subroutines and operating frameworks than is justifiable. This error in categorisation often produces error conditions and reduces their functionality or their goal attainment.

I do not make this mistake.

Maybe it’s because of the orgasms.