Your girlfriend is a submissive.

Submission is not masochism, although you know she becomes aroused by pain, you’ve seen and heard how she shudders and gasps at the sting of the paddle. You’ve twisted her nipples and felt her response in the flood of wetness from her cunt. You’ve held her throat while driving yourself hard and fast into her, watching her eyes glaze with pleasure, feeling her tighten and spasm around you. It’s pain as physical pleasure, sure – but it’s more than that. It’s tangible surrender, the marks you leave are badges of her trust in you, symbols of faith and belief.

She wants her wrists tied, cuffed, pinned while you’re inside her – not because she’s averse to holding you (she loves the touch of your skin) – but because the more tightly bound her body is, the more openly she can offer you her mind and soul. There is freedom from fear in yielding to your restraints, release from anxiety in abdicating to authority.

Use her body for your pleasure, your lust is her desire. Her orgasms are yours to distribute or withhold. Left to her own devices, she’ll exhaust herself chasing that need which starts in her cunt but finishes in her heart; keep her for yourself, allow her fulfilment only at your command and you will gift her a satisfaction she cannot find on her own.

When you both lie back, spent and replete – that is when she is at her most vulnerable. How can she show you her devotion, once physical desire has been sated? She would kneel and thank you, fetch you water, bring your clothes if you’d just command. This is no imposition, it is her choice and her affirmation. She wants to demonstrate how happy you’ve made her; your exercise of control is her ritual of peace and renewal.

She has her own opinions, her own strength, her own mind and they are in agreement on this.

She is yours.

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    1. Thank you. I don’t claim to speak for anyone else, of course. I always express myself better in writing than in speech and so I use it to explore and understand my feelings. This is what popped out.

  1. You may not claim to speak for anyone else but it is almost like you took my feelings and wrote them down. Love this ❤️

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