A Good Hiding

Nature in all her glory….sometimes you just need a quiet spot to appreciate it all. And some things are just too good not to share….

From along the bracken-strewn path, I could see that the windows on the birdwatching hide were all closed


Something about the summertime exuberance of the wildlife on this nature reserve has struck with an inexplicable surge of horniness. Right now, I really really want to indulge in myself – pull my tingling nipples, rub my swollen clit, plunge my fingers deep into my wet cunt and grind myself against my hand as hard and fast as I can manage until I come.

For that, I need privacy. This hide looks like a good bet.

I squirm my way up the the door, the saddle between my legs feeling deliciously plump and sensitive. Yank open the door and-

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t think there was anyone…”

He blinks in the sudden light from the opened door

“No, I’m sorry, I’ll just-”

He stands up quickly – but not quite fast enough to disguise the open zip and the bulge beneath it.

He’s about my age, dressed as I am in cotton cargo trousers, trainers and a plain t-shirt. Around his neck hand hang the birdwatchers uniform binoculars, lenses still capped. As the glassless windows of the hide are still covered, he’s clearly not been doing much birdwatching in here.

Our eyes meet. His, flustered and guilty, mine sly and twinkling. It seems I’m not the only person inspired by the warm summer day. He’s cute. Very cute, in fact.

“I just came here for a bit of peace and quiet” I remark, as I settle myself facing inward into the hide, on one of the hard wooden benches in front of the windows.

I don’t open the window.

“Don’t let me interrupt you” I say breezily, throwing him a knowing smirk. His brow furrows slightly. Does she mean…?

“Peace and quiet is all very well, but sometimes it’s nice to have company, eh?”

I throw the conversational gambit at him casually, unzipping my own trousers and sliding a hand into the gap.

“Seen anything interesting so far”

“Not until two minutes ago” he husks, his voice suddenly hoarse. His gaze is locked on mine, his expression both incredulous and hungry. “The view has improved considerably”

I give him a sweet smile and bring my hand up to lick my fingers. The bulge in his still-open trousers is noticeably swelling.

Burrowing into my knickers again, I smirk as my finger brushes the eager nub of my clit.

“So…..do you come here often?” he asks, deadpan. Cute, horny and a sense of humour – it must be my lucky day. My grin widens cheekily

“As often as I can manage”

His eyes are now avidly tracking the movements of my hand inside my trousers

“Yeah, me too. Nice spot for relaxing in”

His own hand has found its way to the front of his straining boxer shorts. He rubs himself slowly, glancing down at his stiffening cock then back up to my face in time to catch the expression of greedy delight provoked by his display.

“Well, don’t hold back on my account” I murmur and standing, push my trousers and knickers to my ankles before reseating myself, knees wide apart, slit gleaming.

I part my labia and show him my fingers sliding in and out of my wet cunt. He drops his own trousers and frees his cock from his shorts, drawing the foreskin back slowly over its plump head.

In silence, we mirror each other’s movements, him pulling his grip back and forth along his shaft as I delve into myself with three dripping fingers. My eyes flick between his cock and his face, occasionally catching his glance as he appraises me in the same way.

“Would you like to help me?” I offer with an enticing smile

“Oh god…yes. Please.”

I stand and bend over the bench, bracing myself with one hand against the closed window while the other rubs slow circles over my clit.

“I’m a bad girl” I announce, tipping my head back.

“I can see that” he quips, still stroking. “My favourite type of girl”

I quirk an eyebrow at him

“What do you like about bad girls?”

He moves closer to me, his expression intent

“I like to spank bad girls until they squeal”

I can’t help it, my eyes glaze over and his words draw a moan of intense desire from me.

“That would definitely help me” I manage, when I’ve recovered my lust-addled wits.

“Say ‘woodpecker’ when you want me to stop” he grins.

He raises his unoccupied hand, brings it down smartly on my left buttock. Not hard enough to make me cry out but enough to smart. Just how I like it.


His warm hand cups my arse, grasps a little tighter then draws back for another blow.


I nod

The next slap hits my right butt cheek with a ringing crack. I can feel the outline of his hand etched in stinging red on my skin.


“Yes. Like that. Please”

“This is so fucking hot. You’re so fucking hot” he growls, and gets to work.

Each impact of his hand on my arse pushes me harder onto my busy fingers, heightens my sensitivity and my arousal. From his fast, heavy breathing and the motion of his arm, he’s enjoying this as much as I am. It’s a race to see which of us reaches orgasm first as we lean in and fuck ourselves with abandon. He hits me harder….and again….and again.

I’m reaching the limits of my pain tolerance but the rising tide of my climax takes over and brings me gasping and shuddering to a halt before I get to the safeword.

“Good girl” he says approvingly, and gently caresses the reddened skin of my arse.

“Mmmfff” I reply, drowning in gratified lust, staggering on shaking legs and still riding the aftershocks of my filthy, beautiful orgasm.

“Now, hold still” he orders. Looking over my shoulder, I can tell from increased pace of his movements and the speeding-up of his breath, that he is close to the edge too.

He comes with a groan, bucking his hips and closing his eyes in ecstasy as he coats his hand with hot spunk under my gleeful supervision.


“So….what’s your name, fellow ornithologist?” he asks as we rearrange our clothing, sharing grins of mischievous satisfaction.

“Robyn” I tell him, and he cracks up.

“For real?”

I’m laughing too. “Yep. Best bird in the animal kingdom”

“I couldn’t agree more” he chortles. “I’m Dan. Fancy a cuppa?”

I manage to refrain from making a ‘Swallow’ joke. But only just.

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