Craving Domination

Today, I desperately want to be dominated. I thought I was just horny but even after a wank featuring a beaded glass dildo and much fantasising about rough gangs and rope, I still feel a deep yearning inside me which I know from experience can only be fulfilled by willing obedience to the will of another. To have the burden of decision-making – even for something as banal as ‘shall I have a cup of tea now?’ not just lifted from my shoulders but held high over my bowed head, is something my whole body and mind cry out for right now.

To be naked and compliant, to follow orders without question and to be used for the pleasure and desire of someone who wields control and authority; is what I need, so badly. I crave the inner peace of willing surrender. I long for direction and command.

Just to kneel, eyes lowered and body exposed. To keep still and quiet as I am inspected, assessed and (hopefully) found to be to the liking of the one into whose hands I have placed my trust. My throat is aching to be held firmly, my ears are straining for instructions. My mouth is twitching for kisses, for pinches, for the biting of my lip as I am . My wrists are incomplete without the bindings of ownership; I have too much freedom of movement and idle laxity of limb for comfort. Every nerve ending is screaming to be put to use at the service of another.

Sex? Not necessarily, even for this insatiable slut. I’ll beg for it, if that is what is required of me – and enjoy every pleading word. But orgasms are not my goal, neither is the white-hot furnace of denial. Whether my directed role today is passive fucktoy or accomplished courtesan, I will open my wet throbbing cunt or my soft eager mouth in welcome. If I deserve a beating, I will present myself; kneeling with my arse high and my face to the floor. When peace and quiet is required, I will offer my face for the gag and step softly on bare feet. I will scream, whimper, laugh, chat, recite, repeat, obey.

Left to my own devices, I am lazy and self-indulgent, without purpose or direction. I don’t need validation, for I am complete and secure in myself. I will not accept abuse or coercion – everything I do will be with my conscious consent. I am submissive, not lost or weak. I find strength in my submission.

Help me be stronger, please