It’s too hot for clothes

Keeping as cool as possible on Sinful Sunday

While I love sunshine and warm weather, I – along with the rest of the UK – am definitely not used to the current temperatures. After I’d drenched two vest tops simply from sitting around, I decided that clothes were overrated and so was being upright

So here I am, keeping my temperature down

Who else is being sinful this Sunday?

Click the lips to see!

Sinful Sunday

30 thoughts on “It’s too hot for clothes

  1. I feel you! Dealing with a similar heatwave here in the US, temps hovering around 110F.
    You look very peaceful here 🙂

  2. Actually I think you might be raising some people temperature with this very sexy image


  3. With this picture you could easily convince anyone that clothes are overrated! I like the coy look in your eyes, not sure this is helping keep temperatures down…

    O x

  4. The lighting in this is just perfect — love the way it sort of skims over you. And I second the comment about your eyes – that glance towards the camera is so great x

  5. Lovely pic, I know what you mean though, it is just soooo hot at the moment. But after seeing your pic I definitely need a cold shower. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A very hot photo!

    And just beautiful, your body and your eyes. And that little smile.

    Perfect picture!

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