Come Together

A sizzling story of sci-fi sextech with unexpected settings

It’s been three days since I ordered the gadget and this morning the maildrone dropped it on my doorstep. I’m supposed to be working but I reckon I can legitimately take a quick break to have a peek at the device the Internet has gone crazy for.

“The BeTogether brings revolutionary thought-connection technology to life!” cooed the adverts “Be closer than you’ve ever dreamed!”

I’d sighed and felt the familiar wistful longing. ‘Closer’ for me and Rob would mean bridging the glacial gulf that has been forming between us lately. A crevasse that conversation can’t seem to fill, seemingly too wide to reach across with a simple loving touch. His occasional outbursts of devoted allegiance had become nothing more to me than echoes, reverberations from a time when we were inseparable – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Now we may as well be on different continents, so disjointed and halting is our communication.

On an impulse, I bought a BeTogether rig, there and then. If this damn thing can’t help us, then it’s definitely time to call an end to the relationship.

I open the discreet cardboard box, then the tastefully-designed inner box, with its sci-fi depictions of brainwaves and beautiful people swirling in dark blues and vivid purples across the planes and edges. Inside, the BeTogether units nestle on a bed of black flight-case foam, gleaming silver through the hygiene wrapper.

“The BeTogether comes fully-charged” says the instruction leaflet, to which I give a wry smile. It might be ready but we’re not. Until Rob comes home tonight, this kit is little more than a curious ornament, rather than the life-changing technology that I’m counting on to rescue our estrangement.

Oh well, I suppose it can’t hurt to just try it on.

I settle one of the headsets around the base of my skull, carefully positioning the contact points just above my ears. Comfortable enough. I reach up and power it on.

A chime sounds in my ears and something happens in my mind. Something undefinable and indescribable – I feel as though an unseen window has opened inside my head. It’s weird, but not unpleasant.

Another chime. What? I haven’t pressed any of the control buttons but before I can start to wonder about this, a powerful wave of sexual arousal sweeps over me. I haven’t been this turned on in – how long? Perhaps a year at least. I’m stunned by the suddenness and intensity of this feeling, I want to tear off my clothes and reach for the nearest human being, fill my mouth and hands with their flesh, feel them fill me in response.

I sink to my knees in the hallway surrounded by the detritus of packaging I’ve strewn about. One hand slips under the waistband of my leggings, the other creeps up to my breasts.

Oh god, I’m so desperately, longingly horny.

I close my eyes and the sensation builds. There’s something different. My fingers are rubbing my clit, dipping in and out of my wet cunt, but it doesn’t feel the same as on those many sleepless nights I’ve quietly brought myself the pleasure that my stagnant relationship denies me. Eyes closed, I frown in puzzlement.

-there’s an urgent hardness at my groin, a heat-seeking engorgement standing proudly out from my body. I’m grasping it firmly, moving my hand slowly back and forth along its sensitive solidity-

-my thumb circling my clit light and fast-

-a tighter grip at the head of this (imaginary?) dick, other hand cupping the unfamiliar crinkled skin of a pair of balls that are definitely not mine – but the sensation sends hot thrills snaking upwards through my belly-

-thrusting two fingers as deep into my cunt as I can reach, hooking the tips to probe for the sweet spot which I know will set ripples of electric fire aglow within me-

-my hand clenched at the tip of my dick, squeezing and releasing as the shaft below throbs with the urge to be tightly enclosed-

-one finger reaching back to my arse, tapping teasingly at the puckered sensitive skin-

-long hard strokes from base to tip, the friction against my frenulum wringing a grunt of pleasure in an unrecognised voice-

-bucking my hips and plunging the finger deep into my arse; double penetration with one hand, the other bracing myself against the wall as I fuck myself with abandon-

-feeling the tension gather my balls tight together as though with a drawstring, the almost-pain of orgasm building; each crick of my wrist dragging me closer to explosion-

-twitching and clenching around the fingers buried inside me-

-an involuntary cry of release as my climax powers the squirt of hot spunk from my cock and the nerves in my groin catch alight, radiating sensation to my limbs-

-louder and higher in tone as the fire spreads from my clit deep into my cunt and outwards, drenching my hand-

-lying back on the hard bed, panting and throbbing, still aswirl with sensation as my balls relax and the cum dries on my stomach-

The window snaps shut and my eyes open. I’m gasping and bemused in my own hallway, twitching with the aftershocks of my orgasm – definitely my own, there’s no longer any more to my body than my own trembling legs, throbbing cunt and pounding heart.

As I gradually subside onto the floor, I catch sight of the BeTogether instruction leaflet lying crumpled on the floor.

It says something about “broadcast mode”…..

……“any active BeTogether device within range….”

“…..setting a pairing security code is recommended….”

Carefully, I remove the headset and return it to its cocoon, close the box and scoop up the unwanted packaging. After a moment of deliberation, I hide the box at the back of my wardrobe with my seldom-used stilettos. I think I’ll leave it a while before I carry out my original plan of trying to work things out with Rob.

In the meantime….I wonder just how many other people in this tall apartment block have a BeTogether headset….


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9 thoughts on “Come Together

  1. You are a genius! What a tale! This was so vivid and well described and I can well imagine this type of technology in the future … but not as well as you imagined how it felt to have a guy’s cock and balls and arsehole sending sensations that you could enjoy!

    1. Why, thank you! I sometimes have weird dreams about having a dick! Experiencing the world through the senses of another is a topic I shall return to as it fascinates me. Glad you enjoyed the tale 🙂

  2. Oh what a clever little tale indeed. I wonder how long before such an product actually exists


    1. Cheers!
      I’m kinda hoping never, because in general I think the drawbacks of mind-reading/thought-sharing tech would hugely outweigh the benefits.
      Except when it comes to sharing a wank, obviously 😋

  3. Oh this was brilliant. I half wondered if her partner had wandered in, but somehow this was far better. Well done with this sexy tale

    1. Thank you! I think there’s more possibilities in this particular tech concept so there may well be another story or two featuring it 😉

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