Hotel mirrors

My body isn’t conventionally ‘perfect’ – many years of SSRIs, fatigue, joint problems and desk jobs have taken their toll on my metabolism and my shape. But, I’ve learned to love my figure just the way it is. Thanks to my genetic condition (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), I have very soft skin which always looks tanned, courtesy of my mixed heritage. My favourite bits are my tits and my arse – both curvaceous and bodacious.

When I’m in hotels (which is a lot, for work), I like to play with the mirrors, looking for new ways to see myself and celebrate being just the way I am.

Black and white photo of side and rear of me in hotel mirror
Through the looking glass
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19 thoughts on “Hotel mirrors

    1. It definitely beats watching crap TV or working late!

  1. I’ve been reading a lot about body positivity and you are doing it exactly right! Loving yourself and finding ways to admire your body (even areas you aren’t so comfortable with) is the recurring top tip! I love this shot.

    1. You’re so kind 😘 thank you! You’re pretty damn tidy yourself, y’know!

  2. I love playing around with mirrors and hotel rooms are a fabulous source of them too. You do have a beautiful bottom and backs. I think backs are particularly sexy


    1. Backs are great indeed. Especially ones with dimples!

  3. I definitely agree that playing with photography in hotel rooms is lots of fun, and the image of your body you’ve captured here is gorgeous. Jadis x

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